Inflatable Repair & Restoration Products

        Inflatable Sealant Stops Slow Leaks!

Inland Marine Sealant guaranteed to repair slow leaks in your Inflatable boat, tender, Inflatable SUP or Inflatable rafts.

In one step, slow leaks are cured from the inside of your inflatable tender or boat which can be very hard to detect from the outside. Once the interior of the tube has been sealed with our sealant this will inhibit new slow leaks from developing in that chamber.

We have formulated our inflatable boat sealant so once it has dried your tubes will not stick together. Which will allow you to keep storing your Inflatable boat or Standup Paddle Board rolled up and deflated at home or down below in your yacht or motor launch when not in use.

Are you finding yourself pumping up your inflatable every other day while away in your favourite cruising or holiday spot? Or are you having to pump up your inflatable every time you need to row out to check your mooring lines?

Tony, New Zealand

"I brought the inflatable sealant from you not so long ago. I followed the instructions to the letter as per the bottle. To my amazement my boat has not gone down. This boat with it's persistent leaks has been the bane if my existence but now it is my pleasure and joy once more. I was dubious about the cost but I have to say not that it was well worth it. I thoroughly recommend this product and you to all persons with an inflatable boat with irritating leaks. Thanks so much"

Ben, Auckland, New Zealand

"This stuff is bloody amazing mate!!!! I will be getting some more to do the other two pontoons! It fixed what the guy I paid 1000 bucks to couldn't!! Will call you again next week to get more. Thanks Ben"

                                     Soapy Water Test for Slow Leaks

                               Same Area After Application of Inflatable Boat Sealant

How to repair a slow leak
1. Inflatable Boat
2. Carryout Soapy Water test to locate slow leaks   
3. Deflate the boat.
4. Inject the liquid sealant into the air chamber through the valves.
5. Inflate the boat.
6. Turn the boat end over end and side to side, making sure that the entire interior is covered.
7. It's sealed and as good as new!
Now, if you want the outside to look and function as new use our Topside Paint
You can choose from three different sizes of Inland Marine Sealant
                                                250ml Bottle: 1 Chamber
                                                500ml Bottle: 2 Chambers
                                                946ml Bottle: 4 Chambers

    We are delivering to all Islands of New Zealand and all states of Australia
                                        and the Pacific Islands
  ( Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, Rarotonga, New Calendonia, Taihiti )


Brian, Winnipeg, Canada 
"Brendon I purchased a 500ml bottle of Inflatable Sealant as you advised. I inserted the Inflatable Sealant and rolled my Zodiac once every hour for three hours to fully distribute the Inflatable Sealant and you could literally see the Inflatable Sealant coming out of the pores and pin hole leaks. I could not resist I even did a quick soapy water test on the tube and the result was amazing. Me and my Son could only find three spots still leaking so applied the rest of the Inflatable Sealant and concentrated on those areas and re tested with soapy water and the tube was now completely sealed.

Thank you again for your advice I'm now again one Happy Boater"