Inflatable Repair & Restoration Products
  Inflatable Boat Sealant - Stops Slow Leaks!

A specially formulated sealant to help easily repair those slow leaks that develop in inflatable boats, tenders, Inflatable SUP, Inflatable rafts and inflatable toys. Inland Marine Sealant quickly forms a bond with the interior fabric of your inflatable stopping or "sealing" that annoying slow leak and inhibits future leaks from developing guaranteed. Go to our testimonial page to read an in depth review by Cruising World and other happy boaties that have used our inflatable boat sealant.

The use of Inland Marine Sealant will minimize your time on the foot pump and more time on the water while maximizing the life and use of your inflatable tender or boat.

Chris - St Ives, Australia

"Just to say that I finally used the sealant that you sent me on my rigid inflatable where the front section went down in two hours and it worked, I am very happy indeed and it was money well spent, I would recommend it to anyone out there with the same problem."

Mark - Whangarei, NZ

"I brought some Topside Paint and Inflatable Sealant from you some months ago for my Aqua Pro Dingy. It used  to go flat over 3 days, since I applied Topside Paint only, it has stayed up for over 4 weeks now.  Most of the holes were from hooks or fish spikes. Fantastic product!!"

Inland Marine Sealant has been in use by the US Navy and Boaties since 1986 

We are delivering to all Islands in New Zealand and all states of Australia

South East Asia and the Pacific Islands


Inflatable Boat Paint - Restores & Protects your Inflatable against UV damage 

Inland Marine Topside Paint is an easily applied one step paint system specially formulated to have the elasticity and UV resistance required for use with inflatable boats. Your inflatable boat expands in the sun and contracts  at  night along with the constant flexing while on the move. With this constant movement, ordinary paint won't stay on for more  than  a  few  weeks.  Another benefit  is  that our Topside Paint  has our  sealant mixed in, which  will  further enhance the airtight integrity of your inflatable tubes.

Go to our testimonial page to read a in depth review from Cruising World and other happy boaties that have used Topside Paint.                                         

Colours Available

                     Grey, Black, Green, International Orange

                       One 946ml bottle will renew a 3.0m or 10 foot inflatable

   New Size Available - 400ml

Grey, Black and International Orange

The 400ml Topside Paint is perfect to add a Name or Numbering to your Inflatable